Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Satanic Shrine?

Oh boy, I'm cringing yet, at the same time, I have to comment on this story. Ok, I certainly understand the immediate reaction of looking at this ridiculosity and blaming the "evil, ugly, and cruel" Satanists. However, folks, let's calm down for a moment and think rationally. If anyone knows anything about Satanism, one must instantly discount all claims of this "shrine" as being the work of a true, legitimate Satanist. After all, the very basis of our religion is the ADVANCEMENT of humanity which, by default, is in direct opposition of bringing harm to anyone or anything living. Satanism stands firm AGAINST any violence towards animals and children. If anyone is under the impression that this blog post is just an attempt by a Satanist to "cover our a**", then all one has to do is read a little bit into general Satanic philosophy, for example, here. As I've said in a previous blog post, the intellectual level of many Satanists certainly could use a boost, so to speak, and if this "shrine" was erected by someone who believes himself/herself to be a genuine Satanist, he/she is quite deluded. While a Satanist is certainly welcome to view Satan in any way that makes sense to him/her, he/she cannot redefine or ignore the very basic principles of Satanism itself. My message to the person or people responsible for this "shrine" is a s follows: If you kill animals, be sure its for sustinance. If you feel like building shrines, put a bunch of posters of your favorite band on your walls. And if you like drawing cool looking symbols, stick to the anarchy sign. Whatever you do, avoid tarnishing the name of our religion, because as we all know, the Pentagram is an easy target to misconstrue.

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