Friday, May 14, 2010

My name is Ray and I'm a Satanist...Hi Ray!

At the risk of blabbering yet another cliche, I'd like to introduce myself as a devout Satanist of 3 years who only recently discovered the theistic side of this religion. Well, I should say, who only recently but suddenly was very drawn to the theistic side of Satanism. I've always considered myself an educated, intelligent, earthly, and rational person which is why Anton LaVey's writings have made much sense to me. When I discovered The Satanic bible, I knew I had found what my "label" was. Prior to this dicovery, I had no religion or, shall I say, due to my rational nature, I was simply considered an Agnostic. However, I always knew something was not quite right, not quite complete. My searches lead me to Satanism and I have found myself, to say the least. Further studies and inquiries have opened my eyes to theistic Satanism, particularly that of the Church Of Azazel. Diane Vera, a theistic Satanist who is a representative of the Church Of Azazel, is an intelligent and eloquent writer who also runs the Theistic Satanism website (see links panel). Her website is extremely informative and an easy read, guiding everyone from the newbie to the veteran Satanist easily and concisely through the massive wealth of information that ALL Satanists should know. I might add that this is all done quite fairly and without any whatsoever attempt to influence the reader. It is through her website that my eyes have opened to the possibility and, in fact, likelihood of a spiritual world involving the mighty Satan. To this point, I myself like so many other Satanists, was attracted to the LaVeyan philosophy behind Satanism. the truth is, who wouldn't be? You are encouraged to learn, think, act according to your natural instincts, be loving, be hateful, be strong, be your own god. All attractive stuff to the new-found Satanist. All the while, it seemed a bit hollow, robotic, without any regard to the possibility of the existence of anything else. LaVey's book is helpful and insightful but it seems, at this point in my Satanic journey, as nothing more than a beginner's manual, for lack of better terms. I have always known, maybe not known but felt, that there is something more, something powerful that is behind all this thing we call life. Since Xtianity is obviously a man-made religion full of so many blatant contradictions, I am more convinced than ever that this power, this current, is an undeniably Satanic one. One that encourages us to grow, to learn, to think clearly, to act as gods over ourselves and, equally importantly, to surrender to the fact that while we govern ourselves, the true power is handed down (or up) from a key source. That being the true source, the creator of mankind, the teacher and the enlightener, the who is amongst us and within us all whether most admit it or not, Satan! It is indeed saddening to see so many people trapped in hypocritic self-torture, going against their innermost will, programmed like Robo-christians. The shackles of their tyrant god wrapped tightly around their ankles, and words of the messengers on Sunday TV further spinning the turbines of falsley directed energy aimed directly at the brains of the ones without. I just wanna cry out, scream! Open your eyes! Your OWN eyes!!! It's frustrating even as I write this. The bottom line is, I'm here. A Satanist on a journey that is taking me to many new and wonderful places with an undying thirst for further knowledge. I packed my bags heavy and deep, because this journey may just last a lifetime.

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