Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Media Blunder...

In case you haven't seen the new movie "LEGION", please do check it out and let me know if your observation concurs with mine. It was blatantly obvious, to me anyways, that the makers of this movie wanted to do yet another movie that spoke to the heart of humanity, to show us the errs of our ways, to shed further light on just how messed up we humans have become. But alas, "god" was a major role player in this film with an interesting twist. I was looking around the room at some of the xian folks as they watched a modern film showing their "god" releasing massive vengeance upon the world, for we, the people of earth, have failed him. Oddly enough, angels Michael and Gabriel were pitted against eachother, Michael being the opposer to daddy. His heart told him that he didn't want to follow daddy's orders on this one, that daddy needed to keep the faith in people and not give up on them. Michael disobeyed his "father" because he thought for himself. Hmm!? Interesting. have we heard this story before, and "angel" disagreeing with "god" and choosing instead to do what was right? Maybe. Kinda sounds like someone else I've heard of. The other thing I'd like to mention is that, yes Michael won in the end, gave the obligatory speech of keeping the faith and so forth, but was it only me who noticed or did "god" again try to off his children? Why did my xian onlookers not mention this? Is it so commonplace and simply unnoticed when "he" is mean and angry with his people? Why are the xians not outraged at such a portrayal of their god? How dare a movie depict god as such a mean and cruel being?! I'll tell ya how, people only see and hear what they wanna see and hear. The only thing that the average xian took from this movie is the end, where Michael wins and humanity gets to continue. What about the very theme of the movie itself folks? God is mad at "his" people, he's had enough bull...., and now he's going to destroy humanity by sending his angels to do it, no less. Are you kidding? I understand that you guys haven't read your bibles lately and have forgotten about the old atrocities but come on! Here's a nice brand new movie throwing it in your face. The very god you kneel to on Sundays was coming to kill you off. Let's put this into a practical scenario. What kind of father would not only abandon his children, but actually want to kill them if they did not obey his express rules? Does anyone see anything wrong here? Obeying god out of sheer terror is no different than the Germans of 1939. Sorry folks, can't blame Satan for this one. Though many would have loved to.

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