Sunday, May 16, 2010

We're thriving not just surviving

The future looks indeed bright for the theistic Satanist. Despite attempts at further perpetuating the fundamentalist right's crippling religions, it is my contention that people, in general, are becoming just a bit more tolerant of others' religions. I draw this conclusion on a small scale level, of course, firstly from my own personal experiences as of late, and secondly from what I've seen in the mainstream media. One can't argue the fact that even the basic primetime programs have become quite liberal in nature presenting the general public with more of the very things that have thus far been kept "secret", so to speak. Everyones' business; financial, sexual, marital, etc., is plastered without any restraint onto the screens for all to see, young and old. I know this is a double-edged sword in many ways, but what it does show me is that xtian based morals are slowly but surely being shoved by the wayside in favor of showing true humanity, good and bad. I think this is the very thing Satanists have tried to say from the beginning, that we are who and what we are. We're human beings with natural instincts that need to be nurtured and encouraged, not bashed and suppressed. One's innermost will, despite my years of psychological studies, CANNOT be changed. They can only "seemingly" or superficially be made to look different but the underlying nature a given person is never "healed" or "fixed". A child molseter, after some time of therapy, can come out and never harm another child again, it is possible. However, if a certain judge or any other figure of authority who handed down a sentence that involved therapy for the molester, truly feels that the individual has been "cured", then I suggest that the judge, to show us all that his sentencing was just, now hires the ex-molester to babysit his very own children. If that has indeed happened before, I have never heard of it. My little example was simply to show that people are what they are, period. People don't change, people's reactions can change. We keep civil and cool, we follow rules and guidleines because those of us intelligent enough realize that by doing this, we prevent chaos. For any of us to put expectations on others is to set ourselves up for failue.

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