Sunday, May 30, 2010

A "spiritual" example

Recently, I've come across some very harsh criticism of spirituality by both Satanic and non-religious atheists. The idea that talking to, receiving from, making contact with deities or forces other than human is out of the question for so many of these folks. My suggestion, that as rational and logical people, we CANNOT discount the possibility of a spiritual realm was met with more of the same emotional backlash. So I figured I'd post something here that may be one way of looking at the possibility of the existence of something intangible, yet consistent with spiritual, other-worldly (other-realmly) events. Here is an article one may want to take a look at if a more "realistic" example is what is needed to, at least, consider the possibility of some things, forces, currents, that can and are tapped in order to aid us.

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  1. Brother Ray

    Fondest regards.

    Perhaps the confusion, and the essential issue, relates to what we might define as "spiritual". To be honest, that term does not sit well with Satanism. And in saying that, I in no way demean either "Satanism" or "spirituality" as concepts.

    That being said, all that you have mentioned here refers, properly, to "psychism", not spirituality. Yes, we can commune with the non-temporal/spatial - such is psychism. How we integrate that, however, is the domain of the "spiritual". But even then ... it is a dangerous concept, due to how sloppy it is.

    In the Dark, my Friend

    Corbeau de Marais