Sunday, May 30, 2010

A "spiritual" example

Recently, I've come across some very harsh criticism of spirituality by both Satanic and non-religious atheists. The idea that talking to, receiving from, making contact with deities or forces other than human is out of the question for so many of these folks. My suggestion, that as rational and logical people, we CANNOT discount the possibility of a spiritual realm was met with more of the same emotional backlash. So I figured I'd post something here that may be one way of looking at the possibility of the existence of something intangible, yet consistent with spiritual, other-worldly (other-realmly) events. Here is an article one may want to take a look at if a more "realistic" example is what is needed to, at least, consider the possibility of some things, forces, currents, that can and are tapped in order to aid us.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Satanic Shrine?

Oh boy, I'm cringing yet, at the same time, I have to comment on this story. Ok, I certainly understand the immediate reaction of looking at this ridiculosity and blaming the "evil, ugly, and cruel" Satanists. However, folks, let's calm down for a moment and think rationally. If anyone knows anything about Satanism, one must instantly discount all claims of this "shrine" as being the work of a true, legitimate Satanist. After all, the very basis of our religion is the ADVANCEMENT of humanity which, by default, is in direct opposition of bringing harm to anyone or anything living. Satanism stands firm AGAINST any violence towards animals and children. If anyone is under the impression that this blog post is just an attempt by a Satanist to "cover our a**", then all one has to do is read a little bit into general Satanic philosophy, for example, here. As I've said in a previous blog post, the intellectual level of many Satanists certainly could use a boost, so to speak, and if this "shrine" was erected by someone who believes himself/herself to be a genuine Satanist, he/she is quite deluded. While a Satanist is certainly welcome to view Satan in any way that makes sense to him/her, he/she cannot redefine or ignore the very basic principles of Satanism itself. My message to the person or people responsible for this "shrine" is a s follows: If you kill animals, be sure its for sustinance. If you feel like building shrines, put a bunch of posters of your favorite band on your walls. And if you like drawing cool looking symbols, stick to the anarchy sign. Whatever you do, avoid tarnishing the name of our religion, because as we all know, the Pentagram is an easy target to misconstrue.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Ideal Satanist

It's been said many times before, but, I do think it's worth mentioning again: The intellect of the Satanist MUST be elevated! When one speaks of one's own set of beliefs or principles, it is imperative that it is done with diplomatic assertion and conviction. The only way that this assertive diplomacy can be achieved is through eloquent, intelligent, educated speech. Anger, emotion, irrationality will never get the attention of the potential reader or listener. What it will do is elicit emotional backlash or out-right ignorance of one's statements. The thing that we Satanists must remember is that while we do not aim to recruit, we DO intend to be heard and taken seriously. That which we stand for and fight for is very real and of utmost importance to us. In order to convey that to another person or group of people, it is futile that the representative Satanist is one who is well versed and eloquent in his/her manner of delivery. In addition, it is equally important to be schooled and well read in the area of specificity that one is speaking about. In other words, it is definitely possible to be an eloquent and seem effective, but it is of much more value to actually know your topic deeply and fully and, therefore, truly be effective. This effectiveness is what will get the due attention from those that the attention is required from. One can say anything to anyone and elicit a response, but the point is to elicit the correct response from the correct people. Know who you're talking to, know what you want to say, and know the response you're trying to get, in other words, know the goal you're trying to achieve. It doesn't help anyone in the Satanic community to have representatives of our community (we're all representatives in some respects) rant and rave out of pure emotion. Fellow Satanists, I implore you to truly think before you speak. If you're unwilling or unable to do that, then please leave the representation to those more qualified.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Media Blunder...

In case you haven't seen the new movie "LEGION", please do check it out and let me know if your observation concurs with mine. It was blatantly obvious, to me anyways, that the makers of this movie wanted to do yet another movie that spoke to the heart of humanity, to show us the errs of our ways, to shed further light on just how messed up we humans have become. But alas, "god" was a major role player in this film with an interesting twist. I was looking around the room at some of the xian folks as they watched a modern film showing their "god" releasing massive vengeance upon the world, for we, the people of earth, have failed him. Oddly enough, angels Michael and Gabriel were pitted against eachother, Michael being the opposer to daddy. His heart told him that he didn't want to follow daddy's orders on this one, that daddy needed to keep the faith in people and not give up on them. Michael disobeyed his "father" because he thought for himself. Hmm!? Interesting. have we heard this story before, and "angel" disagreeing with "god" and choosing instead to do what was right? Maybe. Kinda sounds like someone else I've heard of. The other thing I'd like to mention is that, yes Michael won in the end, gave the obligatory speech of keeping the faith and so forth, but was it only me who noticed or did "god" again try to off his children? Why did my xian onlookers not mention this? Is it so commonplace and simply unnoticed when "he" is mean and angry with his people? Why are the xians not outraged at such a portrayal of their god? How dare a movie depict god as such a mean and cruel being?! I'll tell ya how, people only see and hear what they wanna see and hear. The only thing that the average xian took from this movie is the end, where Michael wins and humanity gets to continue. What about the very theme of the movie itself folks? God is mad at "his" people, he's had enough bull...., and now he's going to destroy humanity by sending his angels to do it, no less. Are you kidding? I understand that you guys haven't read your bibles lately and have forgotten about the old atrocities but come on! Here's a nice brand new movie throwing it in your face. The very god you kneel to on Sundays was coming to kill you off. Let's put this into a practical scenario. What kind of father would not only abandon his children, but actually want to kill them if they did not obey his express rules? Does anyone see anything wrong here? Obeying god out of sheer terror is no different than the Germans of 1939. Sorry folks, can't blame Satan for this one. Though many would have loved to.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We're thriving not just surviving

The future looks indeed bright for the theistic Satanist. Despite attempts at further perpetuating the fundamentalist right's crippling religions, it is my contention that people, in general, are becoming just a bit more tolerant of others' religions. I draw this conclusion on a small scale level, of course, firstly from my own personal experiences as of late, and secondly from what I've seen in the mainstream media. One can't argue the fact that even the basic primetime programs have become quite liberal in nature presenting the general public with more of the very things that have thus far been kept "secret", so to speak. Everyones' business; financial, sexual, marital, etc., is plastered without any restraint onto the screens for all to see, young and old. I know this is a double-edged sword in many ways, but what it does show me is that xtian based morals are slowly but surely being shoved by the wayside in favor of showing true humanity, good and bad. I think this is the very thing Satanists have tried to say from the beginning, that we are who and what we are. We're human beings with natural instincts that need to be nurtured and encouraged, not bashed and suppressed. One's innermost will, despite my years of psychological studies, CANNOT be changed. They can only "seemingly" or superficially be made to look different but the underlying nature a given person is never "healed" or "fixed". A child molseter, after some time of therapy, can come out and never harm another child again, it is possible. However, if a certain judge or any other figure of authority who handed down a sentence that involved therapy for the molester, truly feels that the individual has been "cured", then I suggest that the judge, to show us all that his sentencing was just, now hires the ex-molester to babysit his very own children. If that has indeed happened before, I have never heard of it. My little example was simply to show that people are what they are, period. People don't change, people's reactions can change. We keep civil and cool, we follow rules and guidleines because those of us intelligent enough realize that by doing this, we prevent chaos. For any of us to put expectations on others is to set ourselves up for failue.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My name is Ray and I'm a Satanist...Hi Ray!

At the risk of blabbering yet another cliche, I'd like to introduce myself as a devout Satanist of 3 years who only recently discovered the theistic side of this religion. Well, I should say, who only recently but suddenly was very drawn to the theistic side of Satanism. I've always considered myself an educated, intelligent, earthly, and rational person which is why Anton LaVey's writings have made much sense to me. When I discovered The Satanic bible, I knew I had found what my "label" was. Prior to this dicovery, I had no religion or, shall I say, due to my rational nature, I was simply considered an Agnostic. However, I always knew something was not quite right, not quite complete. My searches lead me to Satanism and I have found myself, to say the least. Further studies and inquiries have opened my eyes to theistic Satanism, particularly that of the Church Of Azazel. Diane Vera, a theistic Satanist who is a representative of the Church Of Azazel, is an intelligent and eloquent writer who also runs the Theistic Satanism website (see links panel). Her website is extremely informative and an easy read, guiding everyone from the newbie to the veteran Satanist easily and concisely through the massive wealth of information that ALL Satanists should know. I might add that this is all done quite fairly and without any whatsoever attempt to influence the reader. It is through her website that my eyes have opened to the possibility and, in fact, likelihood of a spiritual world involving the mighty Satan. To this point, I myself like so many other Satanists, was attracted to the LaVeyan philosophy behind Satanism. the truth is, who wouldn't be? You are encouraged to learn, think, act according to your natural instincts, be loving, be hateful, be strong, be your own god. All attractive stuff to the new-found Satanist. All the while, it seemed a bit hollow, robotic, without any regard to the possibility of the existence of anything else. LaVey's book is helpful and insightful but it seems, at this point in my Satanic journey, as nothing more than a beginner's manual, for lack of better terms. I have always known, maybe not known but felt, that there is something more, something powerful that is behind all this thing we call life. Since Xtianity is obviously a man-made religion full of so many blatant contradictions, I am more convinced than ever that this power, this current, is an undeniably Satanic one. One that encourages us to grow, to learn, to think clearly, to act as gods over ourselves and, equally importantly, to surrender to the fact that while we govern ourselves, the true power is handed down (or up) from a key source. That being the true source, the creator of mankind, the teacher and the enlightener, the who is amongst us and within us all whether most admit it or not, Satan! It is indeed saddening to see so many people trapped in hypocritic self-torture, going against their innermost will, programmed like Robo-christians. The shackles of their tyrant god wrapped tightly around their ankles, and words of the messengers on Sunday TV further spinning the turbines of falsley directed energy aimed directly at the brains of the ones without. I just wanna cry out, scream! Open your eyes! Your OWN eyes!!! It's frustrating even as I write this. The bottom line is, I'm here. A Satanist on a journey that is taking me to many new and wonderful places with an undying thirst for further knowledge. I packed my bags heavy and deep, because this journey may just last a lifetime.